Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Day.....

Well, there are alot of "firsts" spiraling around our house these days! This is my "first" official blog posting. Jacob (our oldest) is experiencing fourth grade for the "first" time. Jack (our youngest) will experience real school (Kindergarten) for the "first" time tomorrow. Brian (the husband) is spending the "first" day in his new office (same company, just new office). Everyone is so very excited about their "firsts". Everyone, that is, except me. Tomorrow will be my "first" day with both children officially in school! Such sweet sorrow. It only seems like hours that we brought that 9lb bundle of pure joy home from the hospital. Hard to believe it has really been 5 years. He is so ready to get to school. Our conversation over breakfast this morning went something like this: "Jack, are you so excited to go to your new school tomorrow?" "Yep, I hope I don't fart." (What mom wouldn't be proud to hear these words spill from her 5 year olds lips??) Trying hard to ignore the statement, I proceeded with "You are just going to love your teacher." His response? "My teacher's hot!" Now, this is the same child that just 3 days ago was adamant that he was not going to have that teacher. She has short hair and he wanted a teacher with long hair. That's Jack for you! We never know what will pop out of his mouth. Jack is our wild card. Every family needs at least one.

I will end this first post by saying, as sad as I feel that my Jack will be growing up tomorrow, I am so excited to begin this journey with him. He is excited to be in the same school as his precious big brother. What fun it will be for the two of them. Something tells me, there will be lots of giggles and whispers in the coming nights long after the bedtime stories are read and the lights are out!



Shannon said...

Welcome to blogland!! :) I hope it doesn't take me 5 years to collect those snack plates! :) I only have until the end of Sept until the shower. But I can see why it took you so long....those rectangle ones are hard to find! I have only found a set of 4 so far. My mom found a set of 4 plates but no cups so we didn't get them. I think the cup makes them! :)

Christy said...


First of all, welcome! I've only been blogging a little over a month and have had so much fun! It's a great thing you are going to have all this time on your hands to enjoy reading others blogs and posting your own.

We have many "firsts" going on in our house too.

The conversation you had with your son was very funny. Leave it to a boy, right?

I hope that your week of "firsts" is filled with many special memories and blessings.

It was nice to meet you!

Shannon said...

I like your idea for the urns!

I got that Home picture frame from Hobby Lobby.

The Busy Blaine's said...

Thanks for the comment and welcome to blogland. I pray you are doing better at your day of firsts than I am. It is getting easier and God's grace is sufficient.

Lori said...

Welcome to Bloggyland! :)
What an exciting time for your family! It is strange to send our little ones off to school, but it's also exciting for changes. I didn't know if would be so fun to have some time to myself! LOL
Your blog is great!